Welcome. Most of my articles are about mental health, my psychedelic journeys, microdosing tips, plant medicine in general, self-improvement, self-development, and the digital nomad lifestyle.

I am here to share with you my experiences—the good ones, the bad ones, even the embarrassing stuff.

All of my articles contain self-created AI-generated pictures from hotpot.ai.

Let's create a supportive community that elevates each other's vibration. Let's cultivate a positive mindset and unite our powers again.

We are all connected, and the human race is much stronger than you could have ever guessed.

Thank you for being part of my community!

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Alina Pitt

Alina Pitt

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Alina is a writer, yoga teacher, digital nomad, ex-marketing and sales manager. She escaped the 9-5 rat race and became a microdosing and biohacking advocate.